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College is a journey of discovery, maturity, and challenge.  Above all, it provides tools to navigate life, skills employers seek, and preparation for an unpredictable future.  Find the college best equipped to take you on your journey with EUREKA!

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Academic merit scholarships awarded to EUREKA! Class of 2023 students


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Early preparation with EUREKA! will ensure your student checks all the right boxes when applying to their top schools
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Outline application process Suggest suitable prep work Re-evaluate prep progress Finalize 10-12 best college fits
Evaluate planned coursework and interests Recommend college fairs/ visits based on goals Discuss budget, financial aid, and scholarships Brainstorm essays, interview/ resume prep
Target relevant scholarships ACT/ SAT strategy; scholarship reevaluation Develop Key College Factors Timeline/ Application/ Essay review
Review general college financial plan Athlete, Learning Difference, Fine Art advising Provide 20-30 suggested college fits Evaluate college acceptances

SAT Prep

Prep for success with expert test-taking instruction


Client feedback on EUREKA! services

EUREKA! Students:

“Cali kept me on task and motivated throughout my application process. She kept everything simple and organized even during the most confusing times. Most importantly, she listened to what I had to say. I couldn’t have asked for a better college counselor!”

Student, Willamette University Class of 2028

“With Cali’s well-structured timeline, transparency, and extensive knowledge about the college admissions process, I was sure that I would end up at the right school. Her patience and support throughout this process were unmatched, from researching different institutions and fields of study to helping meticulously edit my applications. Cali played a key role in my college journey and choice to study at the #1 Public University in the nation!”

Student, UCLA Class of 2028
“With Cali, the entire college application process was well-structured and organized. There was never any mystery as to what was expected in terms of achievable goals. Cali also included several interesting schools on my early suggested college list that I would not have otherwise considered.”
Student, UC Berkeley Class of 2025
“Simplicity. Cali always had information handy to answer all my questions.”
Student, Cal Poly SLO Class of 2025

“I took Cali’s SAT Prep Course where my early practice test score was 1170.  I credit her solid review and SAT strategies/essential tips as well as diligent practice to help me attain my actual SAT Super Score of 1440!”

Student, University of Notre Dame Class of 2026

“The entire EUREKA! Find the Fit Process worked for me!  I would have been really lost if it were not for Cali.  If I had to choose, the greatest benefit was Cali’s essay guidance and editing tips…and being accepted to my dream college!”

Student, University of Southern California WBB Program Class of 2025

“Cali, thank you for helping me get into my dream school! I could not have done it without you. I will always cherish our time together and our wonderful talks.  Also thank you for pushing me to be a better writer – it will help me forever!”

Student, Kansas State University Class of 2024

EUREKA! Parents:

“Throughout this process it became clear that our daughter grew exponentially.  What’s even more special, through her own admission, so did Cali.  The time and care that she took with adjusting her approach to helping our daughter, who is clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder, afforded our daughter the space and time she needed to learn and grow during this journey, along with the flexibility to engage in “productive struggle” towards maturation.  Not only did our daughter find her voice in terms of identifying the type of institutions of higher education, but Cali was also able to create a space and plan for our “post pandemic student” who required a more thoughtful and strategic approach.  We are confident that our daughter has secured the best options and all of that is due to the work that Cali put in with her. What’s more important though, is our daughter has walked away with a sense of accomplishment and focus for her future.”

Parent, Class of 2028 Student at Jacksonville University

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about the help and guidance my daughter received from Cali Bottom in her graduate college applications. She helped my daughter brainstorm about the exact type of programs that were best for her and assisted her in crafting unique responses to essay questions. Cali was especially patient and flexible in responding to my daughter’s last-minute appeals for assistance. I
don’t know what we would have done without Cali.”

Parent, Graduate Student of Juilliard

“I just wanted to say that every time I hear (my son) say, “I need to go work on my essay” it makes me so happy that we hired you. This has already been an incredible investment in our relationship with (our son) – I love not fighting with him over the essay – not that I would even know what a good essay looks like! It’s just been absolutely fantastic to see him doing the work, and having an expert guide him, and being able to relax because I know you’ll keep him on a good timeline.  Thank you!!”

Parent, Class of 2024 Student at Abraham Lincoln High School (SF)

“My wife and I appreciated everything Cali did with our sons. We could not have come close to her level of detail, attention, and expertise when it came to the college process.  In particular, she recommended a comprehensive and balanced list of schools to accommodate our sons’ desire to study the competitive major of mechanical engineering. I am certain we would never have thought to include so many schools (likely to our sons’ detriment).  She reduced our stress level by 100%.  We are thrilled to recommend her to anyone!”

Parent, Class of 2024 twins at the US Air Force Academy and Texas A&M

“Cali was a pleasure to work with and devoted a tremendous amount of time in personalized research to find the best college fits for our youngest daughter. Cali shed new light on current updates through her connections and kept us on track. Even though we went through the process two years ago with our oldest daughter, there is no comparison in value for Cali’s services. For first-time applicants or seasoned families, her ability to navigate the daunting application process is essential. I highly recommend using Cali for college advising.”

Parent, Class of 2023 student at UCLA

“I am from another country where I received my college education and was unfamiliar with the U.S.  college system.  At the local high school’s college prep meetings for juniors, I left more confused than when I arrived.  Cali came highly recommended, and it was clear she knew the process which she broke down into clear black-and-white steps. She thought of several colleges I would not have thought of for my daughter and was a big help to her and my son with their essay writing.”

Parent, Class of 2024 student at UC Santa Barbara and Class of 2025 student at University of Nevada Reno

“Cali tailored a college program just for my daughter.  She taught and guided her through all the hoops of college selection, essay writing, applications, the FAFSA, and much more.  Cali has her fingers on the pulse of the college world. With her extensive college contacts and up-to-date information, she helped us easily navigate COVID’s impact on the college admissions process.”

Parent, Class of 2025 student at CSU Stanislaus

“Cali, thank you so much for making my life easier.  You guided my student through the application process with proficiency and expertise in a way I know I could not. Thanks for keeping us on track.  It’s only mid-November and we’re all done – Hallelujah!”

Parent, Class of 2025 student at Saint Mary’s College of California


The EUREKA! Story:

Cali Bottom
Cali BottomFounder

EUREKA! Advising was created in 2017 by Cali Bottom as a result of her interest and experience. She graduated with honors from UC Berkeley and broadened her skills as a Certified Public Accountant and auditor in North and Central America, Australia, and Europe. Cali home-educated her five children, each of whom was awarded scholarships, graduated from college (three with honors), and found successful careers in their chosen fields.

In addition, Cali educated and helped guide other high school students to college. From 2005-2018 she planned student field trips for education, college recruitment, and scholarships. She also coached speech and debate students to two national titles and thirteen national finalist/semi-finalist rankings through critical thinking, strengthened articulation, and refined speech writing. She imparts these skills to students who write cogent college essays and stand out during interviews. Her desire to improve students’ SAT scores led her to offer an SAT prep course which has produced score increases of up to 240 points.

As a result of her guidance, Cali’s students have been accepted to prestigious universities such as UC Berkeley, Northwestern, UCLA, University of Southern California, Washington University in St. Louis, Southern Methodist University, Juilliard, Boston University, Yale, Notre Dame, the US Air Force Academy, and more. With the right care and approach, Cali has earned a reputation for giving students the tools they need to reach higher levels of education.

In 2018, Cali completed the UC Berkeley Professional Certificate Program for College Admissions and Career Planning. She is a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), Western Association for College Admissions Counseling (WACAC), and an associate member of Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

Cali lives in Northern California where she helps students throughout the area succeed.


Simplify the process. Ease your anxiety about the overwhelming college selection and application process.  Find the best college fit for your investment and your student’s higher education experience with EUREKA!


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